Sonoma Harvest Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 L

(11 customer reviews)


11 reviews for Sonoma Harvest Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 L

  1. tadi

    I am looking to get Sonoma harvest extra virgin Garlic olive oil. Which store has it now in San Jose?

  2. Lynette Lewis

    Is this sold in any grocery stores? Or can you tell where I can get it

  3. Thida

    Which costco can I buy this oil? When?

  4. Jenn Oswalt

    Trying to find this olive oil
    Fresh Garlic Oil by Sonoma Harvest

    I Cannot Find it, HELP 😁

  5. Mel

    Costco employee said it is a seasonal product. It comes in at Costco around Thanksgiving/Christmas

  6. Jacob Anderson

    really nee to bring this product back to the store immediately!!!!

  7. Anne

    Can’t find this at any of t he Costco’s. Please bring it back. We use it a lot. Thanks

  8. Julie Klein

    Please, please, bring back the Sonoma harvest garlic olive oil. It is the best!!!I go to the Santa Rosa store, but do you carry it at another Costco close by?

  9. Norma Lawrence

    Is the Sonoma Fresh garlic oil a seasonal product. When can I expect it back at Costco.

  10. Irene Thompson

    You need to bring this back to the Redding Store. Great product

  11. Yvette

    This olive oil with garlic is the best, haven’t had any better than this, this must come back I’ve been going to Costco all over trying to find it…. BEST EVER TASTED…..

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