Soy Organic Unsweetened Milk


6 reviews for Soy Organic Unsweetened Milk

  1. Shirley Madrid

    Why is this product no longer in the warehouse- this was a high quality milk alternative without added shelf extending ingredients. Where can it be purchased?

  2. John

    YES!! what happened to this product. This was our favorite soy milk product. Low glycemic index and great flavor! I would like to see it available again.

  3. Janice

    Please bring this soy milk back. It was a staple in our household!

  4. EG

    Also agreed! Bring this back please, or let us know where we can purchase this now?

  5. Doug

    After many months of searching, they finally brought back Kirkland unsweetened soy ONLINE. I had to purchase 4 cases to get free shipping, and the price was higher than normal, but it is the same product. Incidentally, I was able to find this in the Costco stores in Canada with no problem. So, what happened in USA?

  6. KC

    Doug I searched online by both product name and sku – no results. Did you order the unsweetened or original? Thanks!

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