Sun Tropics Lychee Nectar, 2 X 64 oz

(3 customer reviews)


3 reviews for Sun Tropics Lychee Nectar, 2 X 64 oz

  1. Jan

    I recently purchased Sun Tropics lychee Nectar at the Roseville Costco, and my husband and I loved it. When I returned to get mor, it wasn’t in stock. Will you be bringing this back again?

  2. David Boehm

    Fantastic product, if Costco gets this again I will buy 10. Unfortunately replaced buy totally crappy product at Costco. The new crap it’s half the price. Costco should consider quality and not just low price. The buyers at Costco ignoring a fantastic product and replacing it with a crappy product makes no sense, the buyer who made this choice should be fired.

  3. Helen

    Love this product! I am u able to find it in my area. Like the first review, i would buy 10. Maybe more since the holidays are upcoming.

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