Trevijano Autumn Risotto, 900g

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7 reviews for Trevijano Autumn Risotto, 900g

  1. Hilda


  2. Dot Sharon

    This is delicious! I found it at Costco one time, but it hasn’t been restocked since. Please bring it back!

  3. Maty

    Aloha 🙂
    I just picked up some Autumn RISOTTO at Costco today.
    I Googled it for recipes and revues, and saw your post. I figured why not let you know it is available 🙂
    Hope you find some!

  4. Jan

    Where are directions for making more than one serving at a time for this jar from Costco? I can barely read the instructions for a single 3.5 tsp serving and want to make a pot of it.

  5. Ilona Sherman

    Just multiply the instructions…Easy..!!!!

  6. Mrs C Townley

    Family love this, everyone loves it, but have not been able to find any for a while in our local Costco Uk. Hoping it’s back soon.

  7. Dee LaFlamme

    Amazing. I was able to buy two but then it hasn’t been restocked. Please bring it back.

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