Via Emilia Italian Gelato Macarons Variety, 15.2 oz

(5 customer reviews)


5 reviews for Via Emilia Italian Gelato Macarons Variety, 15.2 oz

  1. Lauren

    So tasty! I had some at a house I am staying at and now am looking for more but can’t seem to find where I can purchase them

  2. Ivan

    Great treat, each flavour is amazing. I loved in particular the chocolate one. Once you try the gelato macarons you never wanna go back to the French one! Just a pity we keep looking for it and can’t find it.

  3. Lorenzo

    So incredibly tasty! perfect bite and texture and delicious flavor!

  4. Patricia H.

    These gelato macarons are AMAZING! I mean, who knew you could combine the elegance of macarons with the pure indulgence of gelato? They’re like a flavor explosion in every bite and its colors make them even more attractive!!

  5. Holly

    I loved it!!! <3
    I bought it multiple times, it was great.
    It's sad because I cannot find it anymore 🙁

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