Agrino Greek Lemon Risotto Style Rice, 4 x 7.05 oz

(8 customer reviews)


8 reviews for Agrino Greek Lemon Risotto Style Rice, 4 x 7.05 oz

  1. Carol

    This is a great tasting risotto for either a side dish or to combine with something else as a main dish. It’s really good with any fish.

  2. Debra Jordan

    So good!

  3. Winton Jackson

    I found this Agrino Greek Lemon rice at my dallas Costco once months ago and never since. Any idea if you’ll start carrying it again?

  4. Bobbi Otto

    I, also, found this once at my Plano Costco. I’ve been saving my remaining pouch for a special occasion. Will serve with salmon for Father’s Day – my dad is 97 years old. If I see it again I’m going to stock up since I haven’t been able to find it again.

  5. CostcoFDB


    I think I saw this on clearance for $2.97 at Plano Costco a while back. I hope you stocked up!

  6. Maria Lantz Levitt

    We love this product, please let us know where we can get it

  7. Mitzi O’Rourke

    Looking for Agrino Risotto style Greek Lemon rice. Where can I purchase in San Luis Obispo, California?

  8. Grace

    I would like to order some more Greek lemon rice

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