Balance Grow Honey Citron & Ginger Tea, 70.55 oz

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Balance Grow Honey Citron & Ginger Tea, 70.55 oz

  1. Lisa Putman

    I would buy this tea 8 jars at a time. I would share with family and friend and got them to try what i considered the best tasting tea in the world! It is also therapeutic—from tummy aches to colds to just needing a nice hot tea! Costco suddenly stopped selling it. Please bring it back. I do not care for the Von Bee version of this tea with so much extra sugar.

  2. Sharon Koren

    I agree. The Balance Grow Honey Citron & Ginger Tea is superior in quality and flavor to all others. I tried Balance Grow Mango Tea at Costco. While it is OK, it is no substitute for the Balance Grow Honey Citron & Gingrr Tea even after I tried adding ginger and grated Citron to it. Hope Costco can again offer this missed product soon.

  3. SA

    Agreed. Great for the fall winter TEA season! I too used to buy these for gifts at our local Costco – I think bought at both Santa Barbara and Chico CA

  4. Rosa

    Why is no long at Costco store at Massachusetts I like to buying then but never to be found at Stoughton Costco in MA

  5. Cp

    I’m begging Costco to bring back this version.the Vonbee is not as good.

  6. Rosa

    I agree with everyone who’s bummed out about Costco no longer selling this amazing tea! I used to buy about 3 huge jars at a time and had my tea every night. Haven’t had it in over a year as the only place I can find it is Amazon and they are robbing people with double the cost of Costco and half the size jar! Costco please bring it back!

  7. Lisa Gill

    I agree with you all. I didn’t care for the grapefruit but just got the citron mango and am anxious to try it.

  8. Rosa

    Please bring back the Balance Grow honey citron ginger tea!!! It is the best!

  9. apophis

    balance grow : honey citron ginger tea : should be a regular item in costco inventory sales , please consider !

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