Hannah Classic Organic Hummus, 32 oz

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10 reviews for Hannah Classic Organic Hummus, 32 oz

  1. Arthur

    Looking for Hannah hummus.
    Used to get it at your Lawrence long Island store–no longer offered.
    Why not.

  2. Jay

    The same at the Lake Grove, Long Island. They now have Kirkland pine nut hummus which is not good at all! Bring back Hannah!

  3. Erica

    Same in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC! Kirkland brand pine nut hummus is NOT good and not even a comparable substitute. Please bring back Hannah’s regular hommus!!

  4. Ghazi Dannan

    I add my voice to the above comments that I preferentially like the Hannah classic plain brand and do miss it immensely at the Virginia Costco stores. I hate to think of canceling my Costco membership. But substituting regular popular brand items, such as Hannah humus to Hillshire oven roasted turkey meat, with Kirkland inferior items has been repetitively done with little or no regard to customer’s preferences.

  5. Mohamad

    Best Hommos hands down. Sadly Costco replaced it with their brand which is absolutely horrible. What a poor decision.

  6. Iris

    I so agree!!! The Kirkland HOMMUS is AWEFUL! Gave me the worst heartburn / acid reflux ever! Not buying that again. In my house hold we consumed a lot of the good Hannah brand we all love!
    You know it really doesn’t make sense to “replace” a perfect product with a cheaper version with poor quality, just to loose and upset loyal customers.
    The same happened with the delicious cold smoked Salmon originally from Norway without Antibiotics(!!) just to replace it with a cheaper version from Chile which is raised WITH antibiotics.
    Sad !

  7. Geraldine Enos

    I can’t believe you have replaced Hannah hummus, tzatziki with Kirkland brand pine nut hummus, which is TERRIBLE!!!!!!! BRING BACK HANNAH!!!!! Your hummus is AWFUL and I won’t buy it again!!!!!

  8. Sharon

    Please please bring back Hannah Hummus. Do not like the Kirkland version. It’s not good. Will have to shop elsewhere for hummus if you don’t bring it back.

  9. Susan

    I must agree with all of the above reviews! I am so sad that I can no longer get Hannah Classic Hommus at Costco!!
    I absolutely do not like the Kirkland brand with pine nuts!
    Sorry Costco, Hannah products are superior to yours.
    Please consider bringing Hannah back!

  10. Lou

    Bring back Hannah hummus.

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