Hoody’s Honey Roasted Peanuts, 40 oz

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8 reviews for Hoody’s Honey Roasted Peanuts, 40 oz

  1. Kathy Allen

    Love these so much and something all family members can have. Just need 4 more containers but can’t find at costco any more!

  2. Dan

    These are the best ever — What the heck happend Costco — Bring them back

  3. Talya

    Please bring this product back!

  4. Laurie Corona

    Best honey roasted peanuts ever.
    Tried many other brands and none compare.

    Costco, where did they go? Please bring them back asap!

  5. Charles

    Excellent product Costco should bring them back

  6. Chris

    These are the best ever. Please bring them back for your customers!

  7. Promi

    These nuts were amazing! Please bring them back

  8. Lowell Rinker

    Agree with other comments….best honey roasted peanuts ever!…..would be a good deal at twice price. COSTCO…..BRING THEM BACK!!!

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