Kirkland Signature Honey Mustard Mix, 30 oz

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4 reviews for Kirkland Signature Honey Mustard Mix, 30 oz

  1. Teresa Montgomery

    PLEASE bring this product back!!

  2. Shelly Meyer

    The Kirkland Honey Mustard Snack Mix is the best. It is really hard to find a snack mix where you like everything in it and this was one of them. I love it.

  3. Jerry

    I bought this at Costco and was disappointed. I should have returned but didn’t get around to ot. Snyder honey mustard pretzels are much better. These are more like French bread pieces and not seasoned very much. The honey roasted sesame sticks were very good as were the toasted almonds. But the almond poppers and chickpeas were not very good. So 2 of the 5 items in this snack mix were good, the other 3 not so much. The mix together did not seem to blend well either. Definitely won’t buy again.

  4. Tia Wells

    Please bring this back

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