Laird Original Superfood Creamer, 32.6 oz

(30 customer reviews)


30 reviews for Laird Original Superfood Creamer, 32.6 oz

  1. Kathy Anderson

    Can you stock this again in the warehouse or online? I know it is very popular with your customers. Great product for our health and a high percentage of us drink coffee every day.

  2. Christine Headley

    I second this! We love this item and are very disappointed Costco isn’t selling it right now

  3. Ed Whitney

    Will you stock this again in the Coeur d’ Alene warehouse or online. It’s a great product.

  4. Kelly Bartlone

    Please restock this item. My entire family now uses this product and is disappointed that it’s no longer available at Costco.

  5. Alicia

    Please restock this healthy and delicious product

  6. Melissa

    This is a fantastic product! Please carry again!

  7. Stephen Snyder

    Please restock this fantastic product that I have been buying for years at Costco.

  8. Andrew Donald

    Please restock this fantastic product that I have been buying for years at Costco.

  9. Whitney

    Yes!! Please bring this product back!!

  10. Janice Weatherill

    Please bring this back to Modesto Ca. Costco!

  11. Hector

    I love this product, and it’s all I use in my coffee. I have also tried the liquid form (Pumpkin Spice). It’s delicious, but I miss my powder form.

  12. Justin

    Please restock in Avon, Indiana too! You got us hooked and now it’s gone!

  13. tim

    Please restock LAIRD superfood creamer in VISTA, CA (san diego).
    Our family is disappointed that it is no longer carried there.

  14. Layla

    Please bring it back! There was no (*) No anything. Just, POOF! And it was gone!
    We usually buy this two or three at a time, just in case. My Husband seriously starts asking about the next bag when the last one starts getting about half way down.
    Lairds is a great product & although there may be products LIKE it, they just aren’t the same.

  15. Pam

    Please restock this item. It’s fantastic.

  16. Andrew

    Totally in shambles knowing this is not on the shelves in Costco …. please help us all. God bless

  17. Luna courtois

    BRING IT BACK!!!! Please oahu Costco needs this back

  18. Scott

    Please restock this item in Arizona!

  19. Valerie Macneil

    Please restock this item at the Wheat Ridge, CO Costco. It is the only creamer I can do for my coffee and I love it. I can’t afford to by smaller bags over and over somewhere else. I need this creamer because it is non dairy, low sugar, is a powder so it doesn’t make my coffee cold and it is good for you. Please!

  20. Chris

    I usually buy 5 or 6 of these just to get me through those times when I can’t find it on the shelf at any of the nearby Costco warehouses. But, now can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ll add my voice to the chorus, PLEASE bring the product back! Nothing compares to this.

  21. Beau

    I buy these 3-5 bags at a time because they don’t have them at my local Costco. I’ve been having it shipped by my best friend from Southern California to the Central Valley. Coffee isn’t the same without it.

  22. Jeff


  23. Vania

    Please bring Lairds coffee creamer to the Chicagoland area! And please bring this product everywhere as people are buying it and looking for it!

  24. Eric

    Please bring this back to the stores.

  25. Brad

    Bring back Laird!!!!

  26. Beli

    I concur with everyone that Costco should have healthy options like this instead of the usual brand name creamers they sell which are not recommended by nutritionist to consume because of their unhealthy ingredients. I saw this product at my local Costco and there was only one. I had gone to Costco two days before and they didn’t have this product on hand

  27. Gwen

    Please bring Lairds coffee creamer back to Arizona

  28. Laurie

    Please resume Laird’s original creamer at the Rohnert Park store.

  29. Maryann Long

    Please restock Lairs original superfood creamer, to your vista California location.

  30. Carol D.

    We need Laird Superfood creamer back at Costco in the Chicago suburbs! I refuse to live without it. 🙂

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