Mrs. Thinster’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Cookie Thins, 18 oz

(19 customer reviews)


19 reviews for Mrs. Thinster’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Cookie Thins, 18 oz

  1. Nicole

    Please bring these back to Costco!

  2. Kristy

    I agree!

  3. Marj

    I agree too! Bring these back!

  4. Rick Weston

    Costco in Ogden Utah doesn’t sell these any longer I’d like to order 3 bag of your large size Dark chocolate thinsters. Where to I sign up for these cookies?

  5. Nancy

    PLEASE bring these back!!!!

  6. Judy

    The mostest delicious cookie made. Please bring these and all your flavor back to Sams Club or Costco. Love to give these to friends for Christmas remembrances and tend to buy 20 pkgs or more. People love them!!!!

  7. Sheldon

    Brine back the Thinsters!

  8. kim

    If you get these back in stock, I want on the top of the list to purchase a year supply! These are the best cookies ever.

  9. Marion Harris


  10. Gary milby

    Would like to order more cookies

  11. Laura

    Please bring Mrs thinster cookies back. These are the best ever and can’t find them anywhere

  12. Cecile

    We want our Thinsters! Delicious! Life is short! Don’t disappoint us!

  13. Patrick McMillan

    10000%bring these back. Best cookie EVER I’m buying a case next time they come back in stock

  14. Ann

    Best cookies ever! Time to restock and get them back on the shelve ASAP!

  15. Lisa Olson

    PLEASE bring these cookies back. They are delicious and the perfect little cookie snack@

  16. Sue

    We NEED Dark Chocolate Coconut Thinsters!

  17. Beth Rose

    Please bring these back to Costco

  18. Vera

    Please bring these back! These are amazing! I now wish I would’ve bought more than one bag! Been looking for them since – obsessed!!!

  19. Vicki Bamman

    Mrs.Thinster’s coconut is a poor substitute for the DARK CHOCOLATE COCONUT. We want the better cookie, not the poor substitute.

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