Smart Balance Buttery Spread, 2 x 32 oz

(11 customer reviews)


11 reviews for Smart Balance Buttery Spread, 2 x 32 oz

  1. SHUNIKA Hemingway

    I love this butter sooo much! Its the best flavor everything about it is great! Please bring back

  2. Dashka

    Do you have this smart balance butter

  3. Jen

    Please please bring it back to stores!!!!!! Love it.

  4. Nancy Ruzich

    I love the flavor of smart balance and how it is healthier than butter. Please bring it back!!


    Please bring it back!!!

  6. Linda Funkhouser

    Bring it back!!!!! It’s the best ever. Bought for years. Now why is it gone from your stores?

  7. Tiffany

    Please stop taking this butter away. It is the best and a very good price. Believe it or not this tastes MUCH better than what is sold in stores.

  8. Judith glickman

    Please bring it back, that’s the reason we joined coctco

  9. Susan

    Please bring this back. My cholesterol has gone up since I had to buy can’t believe its not butter, I don’t like it, to greasy. Please bring it back, I love the taste. If I have to go to Publix to buy it that is where I will be food shopping instead of Costco

  10. Corene Garvey

    Please please bring this item back to the warehouse stores! It’s my absolute favorite and I’m so disappointed that you’ve discontinued it! Why???

  11. Lou

    How could you discontinue a product that is so good! If this is the way you work it’s time to sell my stock in this company

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