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Organic Ground Beef at Costco

Costco sells 4 pounds of their Kirkland Signature Organic Ground Beef for $19.89. 

The organic ground beef can be found in Costco’s Meat and Seafood department near other Costco beef items such as the Arrachera Skirt Steak, tenderloin, tri-tip, or if you’re lucky the Tomahawk Steak


Most warehouses will have their ground beef lined up against the very back wall behind the fresh chicken and seafood. 

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Costco Ground Beef Information

Costco’s Organic ground beef is 85/15 meaning that the beef is 85% lean and contains 15% fat. This is a very good and healthy ratio of lean to fat and this ground beef will go great in a variety of meals. 


At most grocery stores, ground beef typically ranges from 73% – 93 or 95%. Costco’s ground beef offerings are usually within the 80% to 93% lean range. 

Interesting Package Split

The 4 pounds of organic ground beef are split into three 1.34 pound pouches. 

I find it interesting that they chose to split the beef into 3 pouches instead of going the easy route of four 1 pound packages. 

Best Split for Burgers

I will say, it was convenient though when I used this ground beef to make burgers as it split into four ⅓-pound burgers.

The organic beef is of course raised without antibiotics, and no added growth hormones.

Costco’s Ground Beef Options - How They Compare

Fresh Ground Beef from Costco

Costco offers a few different ground beef options. For fresh ground beef, they offer this Kirkland Signature organic ground beef as well as their Kirkland Signature ground beef in trays. 

The ground beef trays are usually found right next to this organic ground beef package. 

Pan Cooked Ground Beef

At my local Costco warehouse, the ground beef trays sell for $3.99/pound, are 88% lean (88/12), and are sold in roughly 7 pound portions. This is solid quality ground beef, but is on the leaner side.

Costco Frozen Ground Beef

Costco also sells 1 pound chubs of frozen ground beef. This beef is located in the frozen food aisles often near some of Costco’s frozen hamburgers. The ground beef is sold as a pack of 5 pounds, with each pound being individually wrapped. 

During my last visit to Costco, the price of the 5 pounds of ground beef was $22.99. This breaks down to $4.39 a pound. This may seem expensive, but this is actually 93/7 ground beef. This is much leaner than your typical ground beef and often goes for a premium. 

Pre-Made Hamburger Patties at Costco

Costco has two or three frozen hamburger patties as well depending on your specific warehouse. My local warehouse only has two options; they have ground chuck sirloin which costs $4.16 a pound as well as Kirkland Signature’s grass-fed beef hamburger patties which sell for $4.79 a pound. 

Costco Hamburger Patties scaled
A Burger Made with Costco Frozen Hamburger Patties

The ground chuck sirloin patties are 85% lean while the grass-fed patties are 80% lean. The consensus is that the best burgers come from 80/20 ground beef or even a mix of grounded meats.

Costco Cost Comparison - Ground Beef

How much is Costco's Ground Beef?

There are quite a few ground beef options at Costco. Costco’s organic ground beef costs $19.89 for 4 pounds and that breaks down to $4.97 per pound. 

And as you can see in the chart below, roughly all of Costco’s ground beef options fall in the $4-$5 range.

Costco Ground Beef Prices

Product NameTotal PriceQuantityPrice Per Pound
Fresh Ground Beef - 88/12~$30~7 Pounds$3.99
Organic Ground Beef - 85/15$19.894 Pounds$4.97
Frozen Ground Beef - 91/9$21.995 Pounds$4.39
Grass-Fed Hamburger Beef Patties - 85/15$23.995 Pounds$4.79

Does Costco have the best price?

Sam’s club also sells their Member’s Mark 85/15 organic ground beef for $4.98 per pound, which is right at Costco’s price. 

While Costco’s organic ground beef isn’t grass-fed, most other retailers sell pre-packaged organic grass-fed beef. 



This isn’t a great comparison, but to give you an idea, Target sells their grass-fed organic ground beef for $7.19/pound, my local grocery store Tom Thumb as well as Sprouts both sell theirs for $8.49 a pound. 

If you are looking for just organic ground beef that isn’t grass-fed, then Costco is going to be your best option.

Organic Ground Beef Review

The Ground Beef Looks Great and is Fresh!

I’ve had all the ground beef products from Costco, and I do think this is the highest quality ground beef that Costco sells. 

The beef is a nice even red all throughout and the texture of the organic ground beef is great. The organic ground beef does have somewhat of a slight odor when you open the package, but overall is very fresh.

Makes Great Meatballs

Since I had 3 individual packages of the organic ground beef, I decided to use them 3 different ways. First I went with some classic ground beef meatballs. 


The meatballs were absolutely fantastic and there was a very distinct and present beef taste. I served the meatballs with some Healthy Noodles and some marinara sauce.

Additional Ground Beef Meals

The second dish I made was a southwestern style rice plate. I combined some rice, beans, corn, and the Costco organic ground beef to create this super flavorful dish. 

I topped it with some shredded cheese and some of Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa.


And of course, I had to try the ground beef as a classic hamburger patty. The 1.34 packages were perfect for making ⅓ burgers. 

The burgers were delicious and beefy, but due to my poor planning, were a little too small for the jumbo burger buns that I had. 


I was able to use organic ground beef 3 different ways and in 3 different dishes. 

The individual package size is perfect for my family. We had some leftovers each night and overall we enjoyed the high quality Kirkland Signature organic ground beef.

Kirkland Signature Ground Beef Nutritional Information

How Many Calories in Kirkland Signature Organic Ground Beef

One serving of Costco’s organic ground beef contains 240 calories with 17 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbohydrates, and 21 grams of protein. 


This is going to be standard for all 85/15 ground beef, since they all have the same amount of lean meat and fat. 

Is Ground Beef Healthy for you?

If you are looking for healthier options you can go with leaner beef either 88% or even 93%, but you will be paying a premium and sacrificing flavor. Remember, fat is flavor. 

If you want to go a less expensive route, you can opt for 93% lean ground turkey which is also sold at Costco. The ground turkey goes for $2.59 a pound at my local Costco, but offers a much better nutritional profile. 

Additionally Costco’s ground turkey burgers will be frozen food item that is healthier and very convenient to make. 

Some people also shy away from red meat. I actually want to incorporate a little more red meat into my diet, but everybody is different, so follow the advice of your doctor. Red meat is a good source of protein and contains B vitamins such as B12, iron, and zinc.


1. Beef

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with organic ground beef from Costco. It’s less than $1 more per pound than the non-organic ground beef and its super fresh and flavorful. This one is a winner! 

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