Kirkland Signature Organic No-Salt Seasoning, 14.5 oz

(62 customer reviews)


62 reviews for Kirkland Signature Organic No-Salt Seasoning, 14.5 oz

  1. Lisa

    Please bring this item back. I will have to go back to Mrs. Dash and I will no longer be buying my spices from Costco, because you have discontinued this item. My local Costco in Tulsa, OK said that you have discontinued this item.

  2. Paula

    Please bring back this item. It’s one of the best seasonings Costco has ever had. I don’t understand why the decision was made to discontinue such a good selling item. Poor decision!!!

  3. Richard Sivertsen

    My local Costco says this is discontinued too. I have been using this item for many years. Please return it to your choices. Great for low salt dietary needs.

  4. sharon pipkin

    kirkland no salt seasoning is the best.

    Please bring it back!!!!

  5. Pearl

    It is so unfortunate that the manufacturer chooses to discontinue The organic no salt seasoning! For many of us with high blood pressure, this was great for our dietary needs. Please bring this merchandise back! Why was it taken off the market anyway without replacing it with a substitute? However, I would like to see the original one back! Inconsiderate!

  6. Levi

    Please please bring this back! My family had been using this for years!

  7. Donna Williams

    Please bring the Kirkland organic no salt seasoning back! It is my favorite seasoning!

  8. Rhonda

    Please bring this back! There isn’t a comparable substitute. It’s clear by everyone’s comments that there are alot of people who want this product. Why eliminate a great, healthy choice? I use this on everything!

  9. Burt Sharp

    I went the Harrisburg, PA store. Not in stock. I can’t believe this is discontinued. Please bring it back.

  10. Eileen

    Really disappointed this no salt seasoning is discontinued. Some people are trying to sell this product for 45 a bottle due to demand. This was one of your best products…please bring it back.

  11. Patricia

    I’ve been using the Costco No Salt Seasoning for years. Can’t believe it’s no longer available!!! What were you thinking?? It can’t be replaced, please reconsider and bring it back.

  12. Rebecca Ryan

    Please bring my favorite no salt seasoning back. Can’t believe Costco would discontinue this amazing item. Please bring back!!!

  13. Dorothy

    Please bring back Kirkland organic no salt seasoning. I can’t have salt so have been using it for years. It was just perfect for so many things.

  14. Val Long

    This was the best seasoning for people with special dietary needs. We need it back

  15. Renee Diaz

    Is there a petition we can sign to bring this back? I’m in CA and this was all our family ever used. I’ve tried the other Costco spices and hate them all. I will have to start looking for spices elsewhere. So disappointed. This was great for my large family.

  16. Laura

    Please bring this back. This is a great seasoning that can be used on all meats and is the perfect seasoning for those with heart disease.

  17. Charlie Nersesian

    Please bring back Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning I can’t believe you would discontinue such a great product, had I known you were no longer going to carry it I would have purchased many of them .

  18. Bharat Jhaveri

    It is sad to see this great product for people with high blood pressure to be discontinued. COSTCO, if you are listening, please start making it again.

  19. Jeannie

    This was the best no salt seasoning on the market and it went with everything I cook. PLEASE bring it back.

  20. Jeannie

    I agree and my ex who had a heart attack used it all the time.

  21. Carol

    This no salt seasoning has been my go to for almost everything I cook. Please, please, please bring it back! It’s the best seasoning out there.

  22. Sandy

    Please bring back it back, it is the best seasoning.

  23. Joy cox

    PLEASE bring back this seasoning!! I absolutely love it & was VERY sad when I found out Costco discounted it!!!

  24. Chris Jamison

    Why did y’all discontinue the NO Salt seasoning? Of all things to discontinue, this was a great and healthy alternative seasoning for so many things. It was a staple in my kitchen cabinet. Please bring this item back!!

  25. Colleen Ward

    The absolute best blends of spices! Please bring it back. I’ve used it for years and nothing can replace it! We are lost! My soups are sad! My dishes bland! P-l-e-a-s-e!

  26. Bessie

    Please bring the no salt back it is better than Mrs dash

  27. Jim

    This was great for using with almost everything now that I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and need to not have salt. You’re killing me!

  28. Debbi

    I have bought this for so many friends and now none of us can find it anywhere. My friends in Florida really like how light it tastes with food and SALT is bad for you but try to find another brand that taste good is impossible!
    Please listen to your paying customers. Or at the very least, sell it on Amazon!
    Thank you

  29. Melvin Herring

    I co-sign with the others Kirkland’s Organic No Salt All Seasoning has been the BEST All Seasoning I’ve ever purchased… I’ve only had the opportunity to purchase one container and it’s almost empty… I haven’t seen anything that compares… if I’d known it was going to be discontinued. I would have purchased a whole case… please bring it back to the selves… remove some of that salt ingredient junk on the selves… THX 🙏THX!!

  30. Pat Buono

    Please bring back Organic No-Salt Seasoning been using it for years and grand kids love it too. Lakewood Ca.

  31. Janet Elliott

    Please bring this seasoning back. We have used it a lot for many years. We’ve tried other brands as a replacement but flavor is not as good.

  32. Diane Fronek

    Like so many others, I LOVE this product. I used it to season everything and now it is unavailable at Costco. Why would you discontinue such a popular product!!? Please bring it back.

  33. Brian Wood

    Please bring this item back. The Kirkland no salt seasoning is the best item of its kind. Our family has used it for almost every recipe we make for as many years as you have offered it.

  34. Patti Fisher

    Why has Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning been discontinued in all the stores. We live in Seattle, WA and I thought it was the best seasoning ever and used it all the time in soups, etc.? Both my husband and I have heart issues, so the no-salt in this seasoning was great. I agree with all the people above “why get rid of something that people can really use?” It just doesn’t make sense.

  35. karen rafnel

    COSTCO, please bring back this EXCELLENT SEASONING!!!

  36. Pauline Granstrom

    Please bring it back. Nothing out there is as good or better than yours!

  37. Lola

    I would be willing to buy it for nearly any price. Money and price doesn’t scare me when it comes to something this good. Bring it on Costco! Bring it on!

  38. Lola

    Will pay nearly anything for a product this good. Please bring back our Kirkland signature Organic No-Salt Seasoning! It gets scary when we wonder what and who is doing the thinking. Why don’t you ask your customers or at least put us in touch with the original makers of this fine product the vendors . I will pay alot more for this seasoning. Please think this through. And please stop depriving your customers of a good thing. It can put you in a less than favorable light. Please listen to us. Your customers.

  39. Becki Kinnersley

    We depend on this seasoning ! This is our go to seasoning please bring it back!

  40. carol

    this was far and away the best no-salt seasoning !
    please bring it back !

  41. J Tosten

    I’m so disappointed it’s been discontinued. It’s been a staple in my kitchen for years. Haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement. Please consider bringing it back.

  42. Nikki

    Costco, so many customers have been impacted by this decision you’ve made to discontinue the Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning. I’ve used this for several years to prepare all of the meals at my private school academy for our young scholars, which helps their young bodies. PLEASE listen to the voices of your customers and RETURN this product to your stores asap. Thank you.

  43. Margaret

    Please bring back this product. I even gave it as gifts to family members when they complimented seasoning.

  44. Trace’ P.

    Omgoodness!!! I’ve used this Amazing!!! Organic No Salt Seasoning!!! Ever since my Father could NOT have salt due to his Coronary Heart Disease & Vascular disease. It was the BEST Seasoning for those with Serious Medical dietary issues.
    Would YOU PLEASE Reconsider bringing this Wonderful Seasoning Back. As you can see their are literally hundreds even thousands of your loyal and faithful customers that have been effected by this decision upper level executives have made. Please CONSIDER YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!🙏

  45. Lorena

    Please reconsider
    Bringing back the no salt organic seasoning

  46. Quintin Aragon

    Ditto everybody else. This product must be brought back.

  47. Mildred Winn

    Please bring back kirkland organic no-salt. I have used this for a number of years. I told my neighbors about it and they want to buy and try it. Thank you.

  48. Robenette Womble

    Please bring back Kirkland no salt organic seasoning. I’ve been using it for years in everything. Can’t find anything close

  49. Kathy M

    I agree with above reviews. Please bring back this product. It is so much better than other no salt seasonings.

  50. Muhasin

    Can you please bring this back. I don’t understand why discontinue a purposeful item in many house hold across the nation

  51. Julie

    PLEASE bring this item back!!! I use it all the time. It is simply the BEST! Judging from the comments, people are agreeing with me. Why discontinue something that is so popular?

  52. Kem

    I used this no salt seasoning on EVERYTHING! My best friend was at Costco and asked if I needed anything and I this was at the top of my list! When she said she couldn’t find it I was heartbroken! I looked for this at 4 different Costcos and no one had it. That’s when I found out it was discontinued! This NEEDS to come back! I don’t understand why it was discontinued?!

  53. Lyndie

    Hard to believe Costco would discontinue such a basic and popular item and ignore so many calls to bring it back. Very disappointed. This was my favorite Costco item. I used to love shopping at Costco because I could always find what I wanted to buy. Not so much anymore. Costco seems fixated on keeping food court costs low at the expense of other beloved items. Not shopping there as as often as in the past because so much of what I used to buy has been discontinued.

  54. Mechelle Sheffie

    I’ve been a Costco member since the Aurora, Colorado store opened(1991) so I can’t tell u how long I’ve used this no salt seasoning. I use to mail to family & friends all over the country. The person (s) who made the decision to stop stocking this product must not have high blood pressure, don’t cook or have a taste for this wonderful flavor. There is not a savory dish that I don’t put it in & season my meats. I grind it up in my blender to make it a smoother texture. For the love of your loyal customers please bring it back. I & 6 family members & friends r very disappointed. Thanks for this outlet to be able to share our concerns & opinions

  55. Carlos

    Costco, please bring the Kirkland brand no-salt seasoning back. I have been using this decades. It part of my health plan. This product is a reason I go to Costco on a regular basis. If not, why not publish the recipe to all your loyal customer (which might not be soon). I’ll have to check on Sam’s Club and see if they have a similar product. Bring back, please.

  56. Susi

    Why would you discontinue this? It’s one of the best I’ve found, and now it’s just GONE! Come on, bring it back!

  57. jj

    would like to know if it’s actually discontinued or are they coming out with a new label? Why won’t coctco respond either way what’s the status?

  58. D. Kimball

    Come on, Costco. I thought you were bullish for your customers. So much of your food is loaded with sodium, it was nice to have this one Organic No-Salt item available that we could use that had no salt in it. It’s time, if you care for the health of your customers, to bring this product back.

  59. Sue

    Please bring back this item! It was one of the reasons we shopped at Costco.

  60. R Flint

    Please costco I need this seasoning it helps with our dietary needs, high blood pressure and diabetes. Please Please bring this back so many people rely on this no salt seasoning. Please

  61. Nancye

    PLEASE bring back the Costco No Salt Seasoning!!!! I don’t have a problem with salt, but used this seasoning for roasting & LOVED it!!! So disappointed I can’t get it anymore.

  62. Mireya Merritt

    Please bring back Costco No Salt Saesoning!!

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