Sun Tropics Coconut Tapioca Boba Pudding, 12 X 4 oz

(7 customer reviews)


7 reviews for Sun Tropics Coconut Tapioca Boba Pudding, 12 X 4 oz

  1. Pat Rosario

    I loved this product ordered from instacart at Costco. I wanted to get more but now out of stock 😢 will you restock the costco at 85706 soon?

  2. Bernie

    Love the Tapioca Boba Pudding. Costco is out of it. Where else may I purchase?

  3. T

    I loved it too. Costco is now carrying chocolate based pudding..I don’t care for it. When are they going to restock the coconut flavor tapioca boba pudding??

  4. Noel

    sun tropics tapioca boba pudding with coconut milk

    We want more of this. Found it. Liked it. And like so many other well-liked and budgeted for products carried by Costco, suddenly discontinued by costco. Beginning to wonder why we continue to purchase the premium membership….

  5. Sailor girl

    I love ❤️ this product . Can’t find at Costco anymore.

  6. Ray Shartrand

    Well,Costco did it again. Stopped carrying a popular product. The Bobba Tapioca Pudding. They just do it at the spur of the moment. Please get this product back for your loyal long time customers. 😡

  7. Flynnster Pascua

    We want more of this at Costco Glendale 85308

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