32 Best Costco Appetizers and Finger Foods With Pricing!


Costco Appetizers and Finger Foods For Parties

Looking for appetizers and finger food options for your next party? You already know that Costco will have you covered. Costco appetizers range from simple chips and dips to full-on hot finger foods and everything in between. Here is the Costco Food Database list of the top 32 party appetizers and finger foods at Costco that will elevate your party to the next level.  

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Cuisine Adventures Spanakopita - $17.59


This unique greek Costco appetizer is a fun meatless option. The greek spinach pies are made with feta cheese, chopped onions, and of course, spinach. They are the perfect finger food size and come out extra crispy when cooked in the air fryer.

A 48 count box of Spanakopita sells for $17.59


Snow Fox Sushi Rolls - $10-$15


Is Costco’s sushi the best around? Absolutely not, but it is a decent appetizer option. The sushi comes in a variety of options and is easy to serve. Costco carries the California Deluxe, Crispy California Deluxe and Salmon Combo Deluxe. There is enough variety to provide a sushi option for everybody. 

The sushi trays range in price from $9.49 to $14.89.


Just Bare Chicken Nuggets - $17.99


Chicken nuggets are not just for kids anymore, and there is no better chicken nugget than Just Bare’s lightly breaded chicken chunks. They are super high quality and are a fun Costco appetizer option to lay out with various dipping sauces. The Just Bare chunks often get compared to Chick-Fil-A’s chicken nuggets and can be had for only a fraction of the cost. 

Each bag of Just Bare Chicken Nuggets at Costco costs only $17.99


Royal Asia Spring Rolls - $10.19


Costco vegetable spring rolls are both easy to cook and eat. Quickly heat these up in the air fryer for a crispy, crunchy Costco finger food appetizer. The spring rolls are vegan with an all-vegetable filling consisting of edamame, carrots, cabbage, and jicama. They also come with some soy ginger sauce. 

A 50 count box of spring rolls retails for $10.19 at Costco. 


hoody's Peanut Butter Chocolate Trail Mix - $8.99


This trail mix includes peanuts, peanut butter pretzels, Reese’s peanut butter candies, mini peanut butter cups, and peanut and dark chocolate chips. This addicting snack will be eaten by the handful. Just make sure nobody has any peanut allergies.

Costco sells a 44 ounce jar for $8.99.


Kirkland Signature Shrimp Cocktail - $9.99/lb

The quintessential party appetizer/finger food is the shrimp cocktail. Does it have the same fancy appeal it had in the past? I’m not so sure, but Costco’s shrimp cocktail is affordable, easy to serve, and will be a party guest favorite.

Costco Kirkland Signature Shrimp Cocktail sells for $9.99 a pound and includes a cocktail sauce. 

Kirkland Signature Italian Meatballs - $19.99


Costco Italian meatballs are the ultimate party option. Throw them in the slow cooker with some bbq sauce for the easiest bbq meatballs in the world. There’s a reason why the meatballs have been a Costco favorite for many, many years.

A Costco 6 pound bag of meatballs sells for $19.99 or $3.33 a pound. 


Phillips Crab Cakes -$19.99


Crab cakes are a rare treat, but Costco makes it possible to serve affordable mini crab cakes at your next party or gathering. The crab cakes aren’t the highest quality, but when paired with an appropriate dip, they will spruce up any appetizer table. These are mini crab cakes and perfect to pick up and eat with one bite.

The mini crab cakes at Costco retail for $19.99


Foster Farms Fried Chicken Wings - $17.99


No party is complete without some chicken wings. Costco takeout chicken wings are sold in the frozen food aisle and deliver on their promise of extra crispy restaurant quality wings. They come in two flavors (bbq and buffalo) but can be a little messy as a finger food, so make sure your party guests have easy access to napkins. 

The Foster Farm Takeout Wings are sold in a 4-pound bag for $17.99.


Kirkland Signature Panko Breaded Shrimp - $19.99


The Kirkland Signature Panko Breaded Shrimp is the perfect Costco appetizer finger food. There is always an allure to shrimp, and these crispy panko-breaded shrimp with a tail handle are delicious and will be a party favorite. Easy to heat, easy to eat, and easy on the wallet. These are a great all-around party food.

The Costco Panko Breaded Shrimp sell for $19.99


Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mix Nuts - $14.79

Costco Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mixed Nuts scaled

Simple? Yes, but give your party guests a filling, healthy option that they are familiar with and won’t break the bank. Each tub of Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mixed Nuts includes almonds, pistachios, pecans, and cashews. If there are any leftovers, they will keep for quite a while, and you really can’t go wrong with having some nuts on hand. 

A 2.5 jar of Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mixed Nuts sells for $14.79


Bitchin' Sauce Almond Dip- $8.99

Costco Bichin Sauce Almond Dip scaled

The dipping sauce with a unique name and even more unique flavor. Bitchin’ Sauce is one of the few dipping sauces that will get your party guest hooked on the first taste. The name and the flavor of the dip will be the talk of the party.

This 24 ounce of amazingness sells at Costco for $8.99

Costco Multigrain Tortilla Food Should Taste Good Bitchin Sauce scaled

Foppen Smoked Salmon - $10.99


I don’t have smoked salmon often, and it’s always a treat to see at parties. Costco carries 4 types, including Atlantic Smoked Salmon, Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon, Flavored Salmon Slices, and Hot Smoked Salmon. 

All options are great, but if you want the most convenient party food option, go with the Foppen pre-sliced salmon. You can’t go wrong with the quality or price of any of Costco’s smoked salmon options.

The Foppen Pre-Sliced Salmon sells for $10.99


Petite Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks - $14.99


Everybody loves mozzarella sticks, but not everybody is brave enough to admit it. The crispy mozzarella sticks are a great Costco finger food option and pair well with a marinara dipping sauce. Just a few minutes in the air fryer will give you some extra crispy fried breaded cheese.

Costco sells 5 pounds of Mozzarella Sticks for $14.99


Market Street Chicken Flautas - $14.89


Essentially the older brother of taquitos, the Costco organic flautas make a great party finger food. Made with white chicken meat, corn, black beans, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, these flautas are reasonably priced and are easy to make with little mess. Place a cup of salsa nearby for some extra flavor.

Costco sells 16 organic chicken flautas for $14.89


Vegetable Platter With Dip - $11.99

The essential and iconic party appetizer is the vegetable platter with dip. Costco’s giant veggie platter tray comes with 4 pounds of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers, snap peas and some amazing ranch dip. This is a set it and forget it item that belongs at every single appetizer table. 

Costco’s 4-pound veggie tray sells for $11.99

DJ&A Shitake Mushroom Chips - $7.99


Mushroom Chips, really? Yes, these Shitake mushroom chips are fantastic. They may not be for everyone, but those who try them will love them. They are a great conversation starter and full of delicious umami flavor that even the biggest mushroom haters will enjoy.

The 10 ounce bag of Shitake Mushroom Chips sell for $7.99


Kirkland Signature Cilantro Lime Shrimp - $10.99/lb


Looking for something a little more spruced up than a shrimp cocktail for your party? Try the Costco Cilantro Lime Shrimp. The shrimp is cooked to perfection and oh so full of flavor. Expect these to go pretty quickly once you set them out and they are one of the easiest Costco appetizer option. 

Costco sells its premade cilantro lime shrimp for $10.99 a pound. 


Don Miguel Chipotle Chicken Mini Tacos - $8.99


Costco’s frozen mini tacos may have a bad rap, but these refrigerated chipotle chicken mini tacos are on a whole other level. Throw this in the air fryer for a crispy outer shell and some absolutely fantastic chipotle chicken filling. 

Over 2 pounds of mini tacos for $8.99 is extremely hard to beat.


Fresh Fruit Bowl - $10.99

Another party finger food classic is the bowl of fresh fruit. Costco sells an easy-to-serve fresh-cut fruit bowl that includes grapes, strawberries, pineapples, and melon. 

A 3-pound bowl costs only $10.99 and will make your party guests happy and your life much much easier. This is a must grab party food item.

Grilled Chicken Skewers - $13.99


Who doesn’t love meat on a stick? Costco grilled Mediterranean Style chicken skewers bring that perfect balance of appetizer and entree. Your guests can eat just one while sampling the rest of the party food or grab a couple and fill up on some delicious juicy grilled chicken breasts. Set these out with some dip for a light and healthy snack.

28 Ounces of Pre Cooked Chicken Skewers sells for $13.99 at Costco. 


Kirkland Signature Tortilla Chips - $4.99


Can’t make a Costco party appetizer list without Kirkland Signatures’ famous tortilla chips. The chips pair well with any of the listed Costco dips, but if you are feeling extra fancy, it’s not hard to create a giant nacho plate for your party guest to pick at. 

The Costco tortilla chips are sold in a giant bag for only $4.99.


Kirkland Signature Guacamole Cups - $17.49


Everybody loves guacamole, and individual guacamole cups are the perfect option to prevent guacamole hogging and double dipping. Try the Kirkland Signature guacamole cups to make sure everybody at the party gets a fair amount of the absolute best dipping option ever created.

16 Individual Packs of Guacamole cost $17.49. 


Sandwich Bros Chicken Melts - $10.69

Costco Chicken Melts Sandwich Bros scaled

Don’t just want to serve cold sandwiches at your event? Why not try the chicken melt flatbreads instead. These little 2 bite sandwiches include breaded chicken and cheese, all packed into a mini flatbread. They take just a minute or so to heat up in the microwave and are a great Costco finger food grab and eat option.

Costco sells 15 Chicken Melts for $10.69.

Costco Chicken Melt Cooked scaled

Kirkland Signature Tempura Shrimp - $17.99


Costco tempura shrimp makes the absolute best hot appetizer. Throw them in the air fryer for an extra crispy tempura batter, and the shrimp will go fast. Easy to cook and serve, and I can tell you now, there won’t be any leftovers. The shrimp tail handle makes these the perfect party finger food and the dipping sauce is absolutely delicious.

Costco tempura shrimp retails for $17.99

Kirkland Signature Caesar Salad - $3.99/lb

This grab-and-go salad option from Costco is fresh, healthy, and delicious. Found in the premade meals area, the caesar salad is just about the easiest way to get a complete salad on the table and includes parmesan cheese, Cesar dressing, and croutons.

The Caesar Salad sells for $3.99/pound. 

Sukhi's Samosas - $14.99


Samosas, an Indian savory pastry, is an excellent Costco finger food appetizer option. Costco potato and pea-flavored samosa are delicious, but the hit of the party will be the delicious chutney dip. People will be raving about that amazing cilantro chutney for months to come.

Sukhi’s Samosas sell for $14.99 at Costco. 


Taste of the South Pimento Cheese Dip - $6.79


Another delicious dip option that makes our list is the Pimento Cheese Dip. The pimento cheese and pepper dip pairs well with the Kirkland Signature Tortilla chips and provides just enough kick to liven up any party. Just be warned, the dip will go quickly!

The Pimento Dip retails for $6.79


Royal Asia Coconut Shrimp - $15.99


The Kirkland Signature Coconut Shrimp is a delicious and unique hot appetizer. The shrimp is very much similar to the breaded panko shrimp but with a coconut flare. Excellent in the air fryer, and it comes with a delicious dipping sauce.

The coconut shrimp has a price tag of $15.99


Crazy Cuisine Orange Chicken - $14.49


An appetizer or an entree? Why not both? The orange chicken from Costco can be set out with some toothpicks for a delicious hot grab-and-go option. They are easy to cook in the air fryer and come out super crispy. They are great for party-goers of all ages and are filling enough for those party guests who come extra hungry. 

Costco sells the orange chicken for $14.49. Make sure to use our orange chicken flavor hacks


Kirkland Signature Quesadillas - $5.99/Pound


One of Costco’s new premade meals, the quesadilla, is a fantastic party appetizer. They are assembled and sliced and just need to be reheated. An easy pick-up for a tasty finger food. It can also double as a light meal for those parties that are in between lunch and dinner.

The Kirkland Signature Quesadilla sells for $5.99 a pound. 


Aussie Bites - $9.99


The Aussie Bites might be the most underrated snack item in all of Costco. They are bite-sized deliciousness that is packed with nutrients and great ingredients. Pick up a pack and watch these unsuspecting little treats be the first thing to go. The Aussie bites can be used as an appetizer or even set out as a healthy dessert.

30 ounces of Aussie Bites sell for $9.99.


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